Caterina Boho Floral Dress

$66 $78

Step into the sun-drenched magic of the Caterina Boho Floral Dress, a radiant ode to bohemian chic! 🌼

Picture yourself twirling in this whimsical A-line midi dress, its fluttering short sleeves and alluring V-neckline capturing the essence of carefree elegance. The vintage-inspired floral print whispers tales of flower-filled meadows and lazy summer afternoons, inviting you to embrace your inner bohemian enchantress.

With a silhouette as breezy as a coastal breeze and a flirtatious slit detail, this dress becomes your go-to companion for beachside escapades, leisurely city strolls, or spontaneous picnics under the sun. Whether you're dancing on the sand or sipping café au lait at a sidewalk bistro, the Caterina Boho Floral Dress ensures you do it with effortless grace and undeniable style.

Elevate your summer wardrobe with a touch of boho allure and let your adventurous spirit shine through every step in the Caterina Boho Floral Dress!

Size Guide

  • Size S:   Bust 38''
  • Size M:  Bust 39''
  • Size L:   Bust 42''
  • Size XL: Bust 44''


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